Kardia does Real Estate in a Different Way

We Put Your Needs First!

Because We’re a Real Estate Company with heart

We are changing the real estate industry

Kardia is on a mission to change the way real estate is done, with a heart centred approach, 
that’s different from every other real estate company out there.

What does that mean?
We put the interests of our homeowners, home buyers, 
investors and renters first, because we truly care.

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What Do We Do?

We help distressed sellers finally breathe a sigh of relief with win/win solutions. We even help with defaulted
payments to get them caught up and back on track. (We told you we were different, and we mean it!)

We find ways for buyers who need a little help qualifying for a mortgage to get into a home they truly love.

And we don’t stop there!

We provide investors with highly attractive real estate opportunities.

We connect buyers with homes they adore and offer the lifestyle options they desire, both inside and outside of Canada!

We even help travellers enhance their vacations or business stays, with short-term rentals that give them a home away from home.

Above all, our relationship with you is what matters most to us.

Unlike other real estate companies, we spend time with each and every client exploring every aspect of your situation
and your specific needs.

We educate you on all your options, so you can make a decision that’s entirely
in your best interest.

No matter which of our services you choose, we promise to give you a completely transparent, headache
free approach to real estate that offers peace of mind for everyone involved.

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