About Carole
Carole Forest is the ultimate people-person and a heart-centred professional. She brings a holistic approach to the wellness and growth of Kardia's team members and clients. Carole prioritizes the growth of Kardia operations in a way that supports and develops the team to ensure a sustainable and rewarding success in the workplace, whether she is guiding meetings, developing strategies for team cohesion or sitting down one-on-one with employees to discuss goals and professional advancement.

Carole joined the Kardia leadership team shortly before formal incorporation of Kardia Financial Group after being introduced through a mutual business venture connection. She quickly became an integral member of the leadership team as the structure of Kardia Financial Group was built. She maintained her position in Kardia Financial Group throughout the first few years before taking on additional responsibilities in the real estate, financial advising and wealth management areas of business. 

Throughout her diverse career as a development coach, keynote speaker, financial professional, and entrepreneur, her desire to maintain a compassion-driven approach that puts people first has remained the same. Now, with Kardia, she can initiate this approach in a way that creates change in an industry that often doesn't focus on the people it serves.
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