About Carolin
Carolin Ricciardi is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, author, coach and speaker who is on a mission to inspire individuals to awaken their gifts through the power of journaling. She is the owner of a fast-growing real estate company who’s focus is to find solutions that create a win-win for everyone involved. Carolin is passionate about teaching financial literacy to all individuals with an enhanced focus on women, in hopes to empower more women around the world to take control of their financial future. 

When Carolin is not focused on her business endeavors, she is taking every chance she can get to go surfing, traveling, enjoy outdoor activities, and hang out with her family. Carolin and her family are actively involved in giving back wherever they can. They all share in the desire to make this world a better place by cleaning the environment at all opportunities, making conscious decisions to protect animals in need, and helping individuals receive resources to help them enjoy a higher quality life. 

Carolin considers Calgary, Alberta, Canada to be her home base as she is constantly traveling to share her message with the world.

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