About Christan
From business services, to real estate, to finance, Christan has invested in, acquired, and founded unique and successful ventures spanning a myriad of industries. At 14 years old, he founded his first business and started his professional career as a heart-centered entrepreneur. Fast forward his adult life, Christan has developed a strong background in financial management through multiple firms and ventures.

After creating the structure and first few divisions of Kardia Financial Group, Christan was ready to expand the company’s vision of creating heart centered service into the world of real estate. Christan and the leadership team joined forces with long-time associate Carolin to execute the vision of Kardia Real Estate. As the company has grown, Christan has remained a driving force to continue to push the scope of KRE’s work to make their services genuine and accessible on a domestic and international level.

Christan can often be heard saying “You mean more than you know”. He believes that as people learn to understand their worth, their fears fade, and amazing feats become reality. His mission empowers people so they can be built up to live fulfilled lives – something that is reflected in all his ventures.
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