About Margarita
Long before working with Kardia Real Estate, Margarita had dreamed of working in Real Estate. After focusing on her other passion, marketing, through her own online media company, she was introduced to Kardia Real Estate. It was at this point that her marketing background, interest in real estate and desire to help others came together. As personal growth has always been a theme in her life and career, the opportunity to help others work towards that same goal in a field that she wanted to work in, stood out as a great opportunity. Through her role as team manager, Margarita has proven her ability to guide the team in a way that promotes the growth of the business, her colleagues and the overall experience of Kardia clients. 

In Margarita’s work and personal life, laughter and compassion is a must. She surrounds herself by her family both in Calgary and those spread around the world. Her 3 sons, good audio books, great food and quality conversation bring Margarita joy and inspire her to continue living life fully. 
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