Rent To Own
When Traditional
Methods Don’t Work

Kardia Real Estate Helps You Qualify for Your House
Because Everyone Deserves a Place to Call home.

If you’re having difficulty qualifying 
for a mortgage, we can help!

At Kardia Real Estate, we’ll make sure everything is put in place to help you qualify for your mortgage by the end of your Rent to Own term. 

Once you’re approved to be part of our program, you enter into a purchase contract to ensure that you’re legally entitled to purchase the home at the end of your term. That means you can treat it like your own home from the very beginning.  


The legally binding purchase contract ensures you don’t lose money.

Your full down payment is applied to your mortgage deposit when you’re approved for your own mortgage.  

The purchase price agreed upon, at the beginning of the Rent to Own term, remains the same until you get your own mortgage, even if the housing market increases in that time. 

When you work with Kardia Real Estate, you get a refreshingly transparent approach that’s headache free and ensures your best interest every step of the way.

Want to learn more? One of our knowledgeable team members would be happy to educate you on all your possibilities.

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