About Rheanna
Rheanna is KRE’s very own curator of experiences. Equipped with a diverse portfolio of tools as an engagement, communications and events professional, she specializes in telling a brand’s story, and bringing people together in the process. Having worked with Kardia Financial Group in its developmental stages in 2017, she is excited to now play a part in supporting its real estate division. Through the vector of events, Rheanna hopes to facilitate opportunities for people to connect with both art and business in meaningful ways with Kardia and its team members. She aims to invite clients, and the broader Calgary community into memorable interactions with the vivid, personal approach to business that Kardia operates with.

When not working as a driven strategist, Rheanna is a committed patron and member of various creative communities in North America. She can often be found attending shows and exhibits supporting artists and entrepreneurs, connecting innovators, or expressing herself via dance, poetry, modelling, and other mediums.
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